Emergency Department

CMMC Ground Level

Stroke Warning Signs! Time is critical for stroke victims! Know the signs.

Phone: 795-2200


Parking (in order of proximity) Lots D, C, B, A, High Street Parking Garage (ground and first levels), G, H and K. Handicap parking is available in all lots. Lot F is handicap parking only.


CMMC is located at 300 Main Street, Lewiston. The main entrance to the hospital is located at 60 High Street, at the back of the campus. There is also an entrance at 12 High Street and on Hammond Street. Once you have parked, follow the directions below to reach your destination. The building map above outlines the route in green.

The Patient Walk-in Entrance is near the Emergency Department parking area. Access to the parking area is provided via High Street.

Note: This is not the main entrance to the hospital. The main entrance is located at 60 High Street.

Download the map which shows both patient and ambulance entrances.